Saturday, August 30, 2008

Power Hungry

Does it irritate you as much as it does me, when arrogant people force themselves into positions so they can be the boss or be recognized above others? I have seen so many people that want to be the boss, want the extra pay with all the perks but don't want the responsibility or accountability.
You can't have it both ways, you can be the boss with all the headaches that go with it or you won't be & can do what you are told. No other choices, choose one but if you can't (I can't believe I am using this) stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Friday, August 29, 2008

President McCain & Vice President Palin

I had no reason to vote for Mccain because he is boring, no energy & he doesn't adhere to the conservative beliefs I live by & believe in. He panders to anybody that will vote for him & that type of person makes me ill. Obama is worse so I had a conundrum until today. Sarah Palin is incredible & as I have watched her over the past year dealing with all the environmental lunatics in Alaska, I am a huge fan. I am McCain all the way but not for his views, I am voting for him because his VP is exactly what I feel an American & a politician should be-------REAL

Crying Baby

My kids are grown but I remember when they were babies & in the middle of the night, if one of them started crying, the Academy Award performance began because both parents began acting like they didn't hear the baby cry & acted like they were asleep. Don't act like you didn't do this, we all do, it's just that some are better than others at pretending like they are asleep. It is an art to have the same breathing pattern & make the same funny noises, while laying the way you do when you are really asleep. The hard part is, we don't know how we act or sound while asleep because we are asleep. This is were you need to ask questions ahead of time, like, what do I sound like when I sleep? Do I snore & what does my snoring sound like? It is just like anything else in life, if you want to be good at anything, you have to do research & practice makes perfect.

Womens Eyebrows

Who started telling women that they should pluck their eyebrows & then paint, tattoo or pencil them on? Do you look in a giant magnifying mirror that makes it look like you have the Rain Forest above your eyes? That is the only explanation because nobody is going to tell you that what you did to your eyebrows looks good & if they did it will be a mercy congrats.
I see people all the time & they are beautiful but this is my little secret for men & women, thin, fake, short eyebrows is equally as disturbing as a the full forest unibrow. My advice is that if you are considering doing this, look around because when you see somebody with these messed up eyebrows, it is the only thing you notice on what could be a beautiful face or you could ask any normal guy. (I didn't say gay) I said normal.

Women's Beauty Products

This is the biggest rip off along with diets on the planet. I think woman don't want the truth because they want to stop aging so bad or look better than they normally do, even if they are beautiful, that they will do anything to achieve the desired results.
Has anyone besides me, noticed that every year these same beauty companies come out with new beauty secrets never before seen anywhere. Yeah they are different because they changed the name of the same product or added water instead of distilled water. The amount of stuff I have in the bathroom is about 1% of what my wife has & every so often I see the new products pop up. Don't get me wrong, I support my sweetheart but she is beautiful without this junk but beauty companies thrive on women's insecurities & vanities. Women, you don't need all this junk, we like you the way you are.


All of those that understand eternity, raise your hand. I thought so, none of you do & this is where the discussion becomes interesting. The only thing in my entire life which gives me any understanding of eternity is looking into the sky at night, like I did with my nephew last week. There is no possible way that the sky ends & it drives me crazy trying to understand that concept. How can that be possible? If you have a grasp of this & can explain it to me without saying the universe ends & there is nothing else (which is foolish to think by the way), then let me know because the concept of eternity is fascinating & overwhelming at the same time.

Obamas Gang

I know, I have more thoughts on Obama. What can I say, the guy is like a pile of rotten trash, You leave it out & it attracts flies & all kinds of strange critters. Have you seen the people who support Obama? Actors, gangsters, politicians, people who want money without working for it & Ted Kennedy. You have to be kidding me. If these are the people you rely on for making your decisions on a president, you should have your voting, driving & pro creation abilities taken away because you are genetically defective.

Clinically Proven

How is it possible that all the junk, companies sell, is clinically proven? Have you heard some of the side effects of some of these products? If you heard the side effects & you still use some of this junk, you are clinically insane. I looked up what clinically proven means, are you ready? It can mean "a group meeting to discuss something". In that case, the new diet which says all you have to do to lose weight is eat corn only for 2 years & you will be skinny because clinical testing has proven it, will be correct. The clinical testing didn't tell you that corn is one of the few foods which doesn't dissolve in the body & is passed right through, I know because with my job, I see a lot of it. (vbs)
You probably will die within 2 years & you will become overcome with exhaustion because you will deplete the nutrients in your body by only eating corn but "by danged", you will lose weight. I guess my thought on this in closing are that people have to use a little common sense. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. If the side effects out weigh the outcome, don't do it. & do everything in moderation but always use common sense---(THAT HAS BEEN CLINICALLY PROVEN---WINK)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not Politically Correct

American or something else you only get one choice.
If you don't support America get out we don't want you here.
If you aren't contributing you are taking & I am tired of you taking what I work for.
Why should I support your laziness?
Stop laziness, quit giving money to lazy people.
If I am going to educate your kids, learn the language
If you can't speak the language you get no drivers license
Blacks aren't discriminated against any longer so quit whining
Everyone has been discriminated against at some time in history, just most people get over it & work for what they get instead of whining about it.
There was a little war called the Civil War & it was White Americans that fought for your freedom so show a little respect to those who died for you
Lazy people should have to pick up garbage along the roads to get welfare or tax dollars
Taking from those that work & giving to those who don't is only good for those that don't work
Supporting laziness is like feeding a disease, it only gets worse

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What does the word "do" mean? If somebody says, (how do you do)? What does this mean?
How can one word be spelled 3 ways? There--Their--They're or two--to--too
How can the same word have different meanings ? Bear(animal)-(carry)-(give birth)-(produce)
Why do words have different sounds than how they are spelled? shoe-true-flew-toe-blow-sew
Why isn't school spelled with a "k" skool
Why does ph sound like "f"
How in the world can Colonel be pronounced Kernel
Heres one for you. Who decided how to spell "pneumonia"

I am no genius but I am pretty sure I could have spelled words in a similar way & kept one word to one meaning. Maybe the geniuses should have asked normal people to help, when they began naming things & then we could understand each other a little better.

Blog Police

This is for the people who read these things & take them seriously. Are you nuts?
We all have issues & if we don't deal with them, make fun of them or share them, we will have all sorts of problems & illnesses. The problem with humans is we keep everything in & take everything to seriously. Pay close attention because this one little diddy will solve many of your problems. ENJOY EACH DAY, HAVE FUN, BE FRIENDLY TO EVERYONE & LIGHTEN UP.

House Prices

I have traveled a few places & can't understand how a brand new house in Minnesota or Arizona will cost $90,000 while the same house in California will cost $600,000. You will tell me that the reason is because land costs more in California, there are more local, State or County assessments, fees or taxes & that labor costs are higher. OK, I will concede those points & then I will tell you that I am not talking about land costs, I am talking about price per foot to build the house.
California charges enormous fees & assessment taxes to build but when the Architect, Engineer, planning Department, Building Department, Utility companies & special tax recipients get their cut of the money, your house has cost over $100,000 before you started building & if there is a problem with the house & it collapses in the future, it will be the contractor who gets sued because the architect, engineer & county agencies aren't responsible for problems on the house although they charge you to build it. Nice!!! In other states, there are reasonable fees to build a house & the contractor will be responsible for building the house correctly or will be prosecuted just like in California, you just eliminate several wasted steps & non important people making money off the house. Maybe we should take what we need & pass on the savings to the home owner. I know it is a concept long forgotten especially when people are buying houses & selling them for $100,000 profit after 2 years. We have become greedy & need to learn to share because we can't keep going at the pace we are otherwise we will destroy ourselves. Perhaps it's to late but we need to try & it can start with house costs & taking what we need not what we can get.

Illegal Aliens

I know the intent but can't quite get my thought process around the phrase illegal alien. Does this mean if a person from another planet came here they would be called illegal aliens? Does this mean that there are legal aliens? I am not for giving jobs to people, feeding them, educating them or giving houses to people who won't become American citizens but I am for allowing anybody who wants to be an American to do so. I understand being here illegally but if an alien from another planet came here, would they be illegal or legal ?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Say it The Right Way

I can't stand people who say one thing but mean something else or avoid being truthful for fear of hurting somebody's feelings. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to tell somebody their hair style or clothes look terrible when it really doesn't matter & they are all into it or tell somebody the diet must not be working after 10 years because they are still fat but I will be honest about my opinion on my personal views about an incident, philosophy or point of view. I was just asked to change a letter I wrote regarding something I feel very passionate about & I found myself caught in a quandary. I can say what I think like a fool or think what I say like a wise man. The problem is, I'm not very wise & I don't really care if this person is offended by my candid opinion but I also don't want to alienate others that could be affected by my comments.
I think I will be truthful in my comments but avoid elaborating on hurtful issues or examples, this way I say what I mean, get my point across & am true to my beliefs & opinion, without hurting the wrong people.

Other Peoples Kids

Kids are among my favorite things on earth & I look forward to every chance to be around children because of their honesty & fun outlook on life. Enjoy the moment, eat & sleep, what a life. The problem arises when other people treat their kids different or discipline them different than you feel they should be. Oh, you don't want to discipline another person's kid because the wrath of a parent is worse than anything you can endure. You get nasty looks, snippy comments & everyone sides against you regardless of whether you were right or wrong.
I have found the answer so read slowly. Get a pair of great ear plugs & never look directly at what the kids are doing so you won't have to see when they do something wrong but never discipline another persons kid because you will regret it.

Families Are Forever

I don't know about you but sometimes I think enduring my family for this life is hard enough & takes a lot of work so I'm not sure I could handle having them forever. I Love my family but there are times when I just don't like them very much. Yeah, I know, it's all me & I need to accept everyone for who they are, turn the other cheek & get over it, (blah blah blah). I have heard all the righteous opinions about turning the other cheek but I am sorry, some family members are simply a pain in my other cheek, the one they see when I turn & walk away.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Drama

You all have it so don't act like you don't know what I am talking about. You all have family members or incidents that rock the family foundation or knock it off the blocks. Don't get me wrong, I love family & being at family functions but when I have to be careful what I say because uncle Henry doesn't like aunt martha or Johnny married a woman that doesn't like the family potato salad & everyone is mad at her for it, it has gone to far. Suzie is mad at george because he didn't invite her to Billy's birthday & everyone is mad at him for violating the family code. When you invite one family member, they all have to be invited whether you like them or not.
I don't have the answers on this one but I know that sometimes it would be easier to stay home & avoid the chaos of family functions but if you try this drastic step, you run the risk of being talked about for life & become the Thanksgiving conversation forever because it is always the one not present that gets talked about.


It had to happen, I couldn't help myself & I tried hard to shut my mouth about Obama but I just can't do it & have no will power. He is a deceptive snake but are you kidding me? This guy couldn't lead us out of Walmart on welfare check day. He goes to church for 20 years, listening to a priest that hates whites & America, he has no experience leading anybody, He portrays himself as a moderate but rallies the black troops every time he gets a little nervous about the poll numbers & he promises to take money from the businesses who employ everyone that work & give it to the lazy people who sit on their butt waiting for a hand out.
Smart move, take from businesses who keep the economy working & make it so expensive to operate that they all go out of the country to do their manufacturing & lay off all American workers.
ANYBODY THAT VOTES FOR OBAMA IS A MORON!!!!! I take that back. There are probably some people that vote for Obama that have mental disabilities & can'tbe judged for their actions.
Don't get me wrong, I won't dislike you for your misguided decision to vote for Obama but will always try to get you into counseling.


I was getting gas the other day at a convienence store / gas station & while in line I noticed a person buying chips, candy bars, sausage sandwich, cigarettes & a dispenser diet pepsi that appeared to be in a half gallon drink holder. I don't know for sure if I could lift that drink with one hand but I know that after the junk they just bought, the 5 gallon bucket of diet pepsi certainly wasn't going to reach its desired objective of losing weight. Is there some chemical in-balance in people that are on diets & feel that buying 2 big macs, supersized fries & a diet soda, will help them lose weight?
here is my secret diet tips for all you diet soda drinkers that drink those disgusting tasting sugar free drinks to lose weight. Get off your butts & excercise, eat less junk & eat less food, don't eat after 9:00pm & quit reading weight loss books & watching Oprah. Have you seen the wealthiest woman in America lose weight & keep it off? Obvioulsy what she is doing & telling you, doesn't work. Am I the only person that sees this?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Never Enough

How much is enough money? How many toys do we need? If money can't buy happiness then why do we need money? All I want in life is to be happy so if money can't buy it, what good is it? It is said that money is the root of all evil? So if money can'tbuy happiness & is the root of all evil but we need it to pay bills & be considered successful in life, I am confused?
When was the last time you saw the news & the reporter or article was talking about a homeless person with no money being successful in life & happy? It won't ever happen because it isn't true. Money might not buy happiness but it sure can buy alot of things that take my mind off not being happy.
I do however think a little goes along way & if we aren't suffering from "little guy" syndrome, where we over compensate for insecurity by having big toys, lots of bling & showing off what we have, we can be happy by working hard, paying bills on time, putting some money away for security & enjoying every day by having fun. We don't need more, we need to be happy with who we are & what we have. If we are caught up in what everyone else has, we can never be happy.


If you get a bad wife, your life is miserable & it gets worse every single day.(so I'm told) because I would have no idea what it was like since my wife is perfect in every possible way.(vbs)
The one thing about wives is that we will never understand them so quit trying & if you think you know your wife, you need counseling because you are delusional.
If I was going to give one golden nugget of information about wives it would be to leave them alone until they want you around, otherwise you will irritate them, put yourself in a position of defending yourself or you will become completely insane because you won't have a clue what to do when they make no sense at all. There is logic & there is emotion but woman don't have much use for logic because their emotions control every decision. Women work off of emotion & it drives guys nuts. We can't comprehend making decisions off of emotions or changing your opinion hourly because of emotions. Women come across vulnerable & soft when we meet them but as soon as we are in the web, nobody is more opinionated or stubborn than a woman. The soft & vulnerable side is out the window forever & the woman we wanted to protect from the mean & harsh world, has us looking for a place to hide or an exorcism because we are afraid to death of this woman & now know what she is capable of.
I guess the moral of the story, is that woman come across weak & sensitive when we meet them so they can get a man but once they have us, we become their slaves for life. You might think this is a trap & maybe it is & with so many guys going through this, you would think we would never get married but what is the motivation for us to keep going through this?
I think it's because we come across strong & invincible to impress people & feel manly but really we are insecure & intimidated by most things in life & if it wasn't for women we would still be eating raw meat in the cave & beating each other up for fun.
Yes, we need women & they need us but if you are going to have a wife, find one like mine. She is my best friend, we have been through hell together & worked through it, she is a hiking maniac & those that have hiked with her know it, which I like. We have many of the same interests & after all these years, she is more sexy & beautiful than the day we met.
Good luck on the search but be careful----it is a trap----but you just might like being caught.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life is Hard

I know life is hard but what do you want me to do about it? Fix your problems, pay your bills, raise & teach your kids & make sure you have all the things your little heart desires? I have a hard time taking care of my responsibilities, so fix your own problems & stop crying about how picked on you are. Life is hard, so deal with it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

kissing up

Don't say you don't do it because we all kiss up to somebody at some time. Maybe it's to get a job, a loan, recognition for something or to sell something, we all do it. Some people do it better than others but I hate it. I can't wait until I am retired so i can tell everyone what I think of them. That will be a great life.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

smart mouth kids

I was flipped off one day while driving by a kid along the road. I stoped & asked why he did this & he said he did it to all the cars. I asked his name & he wouldn't tell me & then took off running. I followed him home went to his house. I knocked on door & his dad came out. I told him what happened & said it was wrong for the kid to do that. The dad said I probably provoked the kid & slammed the door. Are you nuts, I thought? If this was my son he would have been blistered from the spanking & he would have to appologize. Obviously this dad didn't feel the same & I left. I realized at that time that in todays society kids don't respect adults or anyone anymore because they aren't held accountable for their actions. They get smart mouths & do whatever they want because being "politically correct" insures that kids don't have to be held accountable for actions.
I am not saying that spankings or discipline solve all the problems with smart mouth kids but it is alot better than allowing them to do whatever they want

Bad Drivers

I have aged ten years because of bad drivers & my blood pressure sky rockets when I get behind somebody dilly dallying down the road with no idea what is going on around them. They are going 30 in a 55 mph zone, they pass up passing lanes with no regard for the ten cars behind them or the worst ones are the people driving 30 in a 55 zone but speed up to 60 at passing lanes & then slow back down. I AM HAVING A MELT DOWN JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. I could care less if you want to drive slowly but get off the danged road when you have the chance. Quite often I will follow a slow driver & when I get to a passing lane they don't use, I will pass on the right or will pull out in passing lane & back in, just to show the driver how its done. I don't know, maybe nobody ever told them that passing lanes are for people to pass each other. Don't swear or laugh, its' possible.
Heres another good one, what about the moron that comes flying up behind you while you are going 60mph, you pull over when possible & then the car that passed you slows down to 50mph. What is up with this retard? Pick a speed, any speed, I really don't care. Slow, fast it makes no difference to me. If you get behind me I will pull over for you & I get behind you, get out of my way.
I have even created my own sign language for bad drivers. Nobody has any idea what they mean but they make me feel better when I throw a "hang loose" signal out the window & then turn it upside down. it means you are not cool. They won't know this but I do & that is all that matters. I also have the thumb & fore finger signabout 2 inches apart & that means you are a little person. (not little like a real little person) but small for your size & a baby. I know it doesn't mean anything to them but I drive down the road thinking I got even with them in some warped way. Yeah, I know it's juvenile but I heah, it works for me.

Getting Even

I know that human nature seems to be, take everything you can, do the least amount of work & give nothing to anyone. Why is that? The Middle East has been fighting over religous beliefs for centuries, it seems that all Countries want more & have fought to get more. Look at America. We leave England to have religous freedom & then we kick anyone out that doesn't agree with us. The Indians, Mexicans, Mormons, anybody Oriental or Jewish, Blacks, Irish, Polish & the list never ends. Now as the tables have turned it is almost ironic to see all these minorities rising in status & taking everything back with minimal work. All they have to do is complain & because it only takes one voice in a "POLITICALLY CORRECT" world to change law or policy, we are giving back everything we took & are losing freedom in the process. Can we say that all those people or groups that were discarded once as rubbish are "GETTING EVEN"? Absolutely!! Is it right? No, but it is the human response to take all we can & to give nothing back. Minorities are taking back what they feel owed & it is destroying our Nation. I know it seems like justice but it isn't. The old saying, "two wrongs don't makie it right" would apply here & nobody deserves anything for free.
It is wrong how many countries got their lands & how they treated people but by trying to take it back in a similar manner is also very wrong. We have to be united to help each other & even though I said it is the human response to be greedy, there are many among us that give more than they take & love more than they hate. I believe we are to far in the wrong direction to fix this & get back to a unity of belief but we have to try. The option is destruction & there is no other option with the direction we are going. I hope & pray for more love in the world & less hatred or greed but am not real optimistic. I will do all I can but that is all I can do, hopefully you will do the same.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Handicap license plates

Are you kidding me? Have you seen the guy drive up in his jacked up 4x4 & use a step to climb in & out of his useless truck that was built for guys with small guy syndrome. They jump out of truck & jog to the building they parked in the handicap zone for. People who don't need the handicap sticker but feel they need it because they are lazy should lose there license for life for taking advantage of what was meant to help those who need it.

Post office parking

have you ever watched people wait for a parking space right in front of the post office or business they are visiting? They will wait 5 minutes when they could have parked 5 spaces over & had their mail before the space they are waiting for comes open. Have you seen those people when they get out of car? The people who need the most excercise park the closest. Only people over 80 or severly handicapped should park close to buildings. I think we should put parking lots in the middle of a town & even make it a park setting so it looks nice. Then we all have to walk to all the different shops or buildings around the parking lot. We get excercise & build fewer parking lots because we are sharing one large one.
We get healthy & the city has less pavement, we all win.

What is Acceptable

Acceptable in society is anything that doesn't shock us. You don't believe me? It used to be that long hair on guys was not acceptable, sagging pants, tattoos, short skirts, guys wearing skirts, gays & lesbians (gay used to be a good & fun word & meant happy). Allowing one person to tell a majority of people what they can or can't do was not acceptable, burning the flag, talking bad about our country, sex on tv, swear words on tv, kids that back talked adults, people that sued for frivolous things & the list piles up fast of what wasn't acceptable even 40 years ago. Can we change what has happened? no, because once the water is under the bridge, it isn't coming back. Or is it, Hmmm? They invented pumps to put water back & it takes work but can be done.
My solution is to have people stand up, united in one cause & force those in power to make the right choices & be held accountable for their action. If decision makers are held accountable for their actions, they won't keep making the same mistakes. We also need to elect people into office based on doing the right thing & not being popular or charismatic.
I know it seems hopeless & perhaps in todays society with all the rights being given to people who are selfish or power motivated, we can't change much but if we don't try, we are the ones who are wrong. We can't sit by & watch what we believe in or what we feel is right get taken away because if we don't fight for what is right, who will? Those that are un acceptable will always get what they want if we don't stop them & next year there will be something else shoved down our throats that was once un acceptable but now is acceptable. We can make a difference but we can't do it if our mouth is closed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Like, it Leave

If you don't like America, Leave. If you don't like majority rules, leave. If you don't like God in our schools & in our culture, leave. If you don't like soldiers fighting for your right to express your opinion & live free, leave. If you don't like a country that treats all people equal but allows you to be successful & follow your dreams, leave.
Now that I think about it, if you don't like all of these things, you have nowhere else you can go because other countries won't allow you to express those opinions. As much as you don't like it here we don't want you here but I guess we are stuck with you & you are stuck with us so shut up & be grateful you live in a place where you can express your opinion & are free to do it.

Politically Correct ?

What is politically correct you might ask? it is the right to attack verbally, take money & resources from & not listen to anybody except a minority. How is this possible in a Country built on the belief in freedom for all & majority rules? It is because of greed. People who want what everyone else has but are unwilling to work for it complain & get what they want. People who don't agree with the majority want their views to be shoved down the throats of everyone regardless of what the majority feels. This very concept of letting the minority view determine what our Country does has destroyed any hope of fixing anything because all it takes is one person that has an opposing view to change laws & how we live. This is so very wrong & because people are afraid of retaliation or public opinion, we shut our mouth & watch the Country destroy itself. You want to be "Politically Correct"? Think of the consequences !!! Politically Correct is wrong & has ruined our once proud nation.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Never Assume Anything

I think that the ass in assume was put there for a reason because if you assume things you are an ass. (the 4 legged type of course), or not.

Robin Hood

Some people say that Robin Hood had the right idea. Steal from the rich & give to the poor. I feel differently because Robin Hood didn't sit home & wait for someone else to do the work. He had to do the work himself which is not what lazy people do. They wait for Robin Hood or Hillary or Obama or somebody else to steal from the people with money & give it to those who sit around all day & do nothing but whine about how picked on they are. Boo Hoo

Who says I'm to old ?

Society tells us that when we reach a certain age, we are supposed to act mature. What is maturity? What is childish? I believe we need to enjoy life to the fullest like a child but we should be mature enough to deal with life, responsibility & aging.
If I have my choice of hanging out with a group of adults talking about how much they have, what they do for work, discussing politics or what the newest get rich plan is or hanging out with kids, playing games or doing anything, I will always choose the kids. Why? because they are living life, not talking about it.
Am I childish for thinking this way? I don't know. Maybe because I am to child like to care.

Waiting For Miracle

I hear people say that they want what someone else has or that they admire what someone else has done. These same people sit around wanting what everyone else has or waiting for a miracle but what they should be doing is "taking advantage of opportunities or making opportunities happen".

Monday, August 11, 2008

Politically Correct

Politically correct has ruined America

Quit Whining

Whiners are never winners & winners never whine

Get A Job

If your not working, your costing me money, get off your butt & support yourself

American or not - choose one

I'm sick & tired of people claiming to be African American, Mexican American or Anything else American. You get one choice & if it isn't American, Leave because we don't want you here. All of us came from somewhere & although we can be proud of our heritage, we are here because we choose to be. Africans are the ones that sold other Africans into slavery but nobody seems to hate Africa for promoting slavery. Why not?