Friday, October 31, 2008

Little vs Big

All my life I have heard about the little guy syndrome & after observing many people over the years, I think there is some validity to this but can't quite get a grasp on why? I don't believe all the short people fall into this category but the majority definitely have some issues with size.
I was talking to a friend recently & the topic came up that small guys, quite often have big mouths or seem to relish in the spot light. Actors came up & we realized that most actors are actually very short & perhaps that is their way of covering up for size. They can act like they are somebody else? I don't know much about this but as a person that is not small, I don't understand what small people & especially small guys are trying to accomplish by acting puffed up & always trying to act tough. Maybe it has to do with growing up & being picked on by bigger kids? Bullies usually pick on kids that are smaller than them self because they don't want kids to fight back.
Pay attention all you short guys out their. Big guys are insecure also & the only difference other than size between a big guy & a small guy is perception. Big guys aren't picked on by little guys & everyone knows it but big guys are usually bigger babies than anyone else. people think they are tough because they are big but they are usually pantie waists.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is It Just Me?

I have been doing what I have been told to do with regard to voting for a politician but as I research, watch the news, listen to others & ponder what I have learned, I can't understand why anybody would vote for Obama? I understand the concept of change but if you vote for somebody that has been groomed by some of the most powerful people on earth & every decision he makes is approved by those that put him where he is, you get the same thing we now have. I don't understand how you can put somebody in the most powerful position in the world & not expect experience in decision making & fiscally sound principles, proven through leadership & governance. I am not McCains biggest fan but he has a long record of decision making & standing up to anyone that he disagrees with. Does anybody care that this is the most corrupt election in the history of the United States? If it isn't Acorn, homeless people being solicited & voting for food, non citizen voters, fake names on absentee ballots & multi absentee ballots for individuals. Hmmmmm who benefits from this corruption? It isn't McCain so whether Obama is at fault or not, the fix is in & he has the chance to steal the White House, not because he is the best candidate but because he has the most dishonest constituents. I don't know what will happen next week but the United States as I once knew, no longer exists & that, along with breaking my heart, disgusts me. It disgusts me that people are so greedy in this country that they will do anything to win, including cheating & could care less about anybody but them self.
Only God can save us because we certainly can't & the future is in his hands & they are among the only honest hands

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Is there a difference in lies, deception or omission? Hmm? I was talking to somebody recently & this topic came up & when I was asked about which action was worse, it gave me chance to ponder the question & when I thought about it I realized that they probably are all the same if used in a deceitful context or manner but when used to protect, they probably are ok.
Example: When you know of an infraction or wrong doing of somebody & it has nothing to do with you or those you care about. If you don't say anything & the action wasn't life threatening, you probably are smart if you don't tell somebody (omission).
Example: If you are asked what your opinion is when somebody really likes what they have done but you don't like it at all. You can be honest & hurt this persons feelings or you can skirt around the issue by saying something like, "it wouldn't be my first choice but if you like it then that is all that is important" (deception).
Example: If somebody wants you to go to a party or social function & you don't care for the attitude or lifestyle of those in attendance & you tell the host that you can't come because you are busy. You avoid the problem & you don't offend the host. (lies)

You have to choose your own path through life but as you travel the complicated maze of life, remember that if you hurt people on the way, you are probably doing something wrong but if you are supporting people or making people happy then you are probably doing something right.
I don't approve of telling lies to people for the benefit of gain or recognition & an example would be, if you see somebody & they look nice, tell the truth & say so but if they don't look nice, don't lie. Dont say I sound good when I sing unless I do, don't say I smell good, look good or did something good, unless you really mean it. That also is a lie but for a completely different outcome.
The key to life in my opinion is to be honest, communicate well & to help others & treat them the way you want to be treated. Honest!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What is it about words that can fuel anger or hatred in somebody while lending comfort or happiness to another? I have heard people use the exact same word in a group of people & have heard all types of thoughts or feelings about what was said? It is Bizarre to me how powerful a word can be. My mom used to say, "sticks & stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me". I believe that most people would rather have bones broken rather than have somebody say that they "hate you" or think your a "pig" or many other catchy derogatory words. Why is this? I think it is because a word can make an impact which will last forever & even though the word could have been intended to mean something different, we put our own meaning on words & our meaning can be very powerful with regard to certain words.
The strange thing is that words have a way of changing over time & the meaning or intent can also change which can be confusing. For example: Gay used to mean, happy or frivolous but now it means the 2 dude connection. Hot used to mean, hot to the touch & now it means hot to the touch but it also means very good looking. Radical used to mean something extreme but now it means extreme & for the shorter version of "Rad", it means great, awesome or wonderful.
Cool, fox, freak, crazy, off the hook, over the top & grill are examples of words or phrases which have duplicate meanings along with many other words & phrases, so when you hear a word or phrase that means something to you & causes you to react a certain way but makes other people act another way, you might want to find all the meanings before you respond or make life long judgments on the words being used. The sticks & stones phrase that my mom used to cite still has the same meaning & words can't hurt us physically but they can certainly still hurt us mentally so make sure when you use words, you use words that won't be hurtful or cause long lasting pain or anguish to others because mental pain will long outlast a broken bone or a physical pain.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cherished Moments

Wonderful events in our life become cherished moments when shared with those we love.
What is it about experiencing anything in our life that causes the experience to become better when shared with somebody? I have witnessed incredible sunsets, scenery, animals, personal accomplishment & satisfaction but the joy experienced is so small compared to any experience shared with another. I think it is "sharing" that makes a memorable experience, it is verifying to yourself that what you witnessed is as memorable as you thought, it is validating what you experienced so as to have proof when sharing the experience with others. I also feel that the main reason for enjoying a shared moment more than experiencing it alone is that you have comfort in knowing you aren't alone because nobody really wants to be alone.

Hair vs Bald

I have to comment on this because as I get older my hair is disappearing. I can appreciate a guy who has a full head of hair but can also find it annoying because I don't have a choice in whether my hair falls out & where once a full head of hair existed, callic & all, there is thinning hair with a bald head showing itself through the few thin strands of remaining hair.
Yeah, I have heard all the comments, which used to irritate me. Try rogaine, hey baldy, bald looks good on you or I like this one, You can't hardly notice. Are you nuts, of course you can notice & if you can't, you are blind as well as nuts.
O.K. maybe I have no choice in what my parents did to my hair when their genes were flawed but I can accept it & quit whining about it or stressing out about it. I have tried rogaine & realized that it wasn't my hair that made me who I am, it is me who makes me who I am & regardless of how much hair I have or have not, other than personal vanity, who really cares?
My advice to all you hair deprived people out there, forget about it, the rest of us have & it won't make you a better person anyway.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wheel of Life

Do you ever feel like you are on one of those mouse wheels, the wheel in a cage that mice run around & around on but never go anywhere? That is how I feel sometimes. I feel like the more I do & the more I am involved with, the farther behind I get & the less I get done. I enjoy my life right now & that hasn't always been the case but as life continues flying by at incredible speeds & the maze of life gets more complicated, I seem to accept my place in the maze or on the mouse wheel much better than I once did. I just don't stress out as much & I can't really figure out why except for the fact that maybe it is just the fact that I have resolved myself to my place in the universe & don't excpect more than what I have or who I am.
Regardless of how I feel right now, I know I can change my mind at any moment based on the obstacles placed before me but if you are anything like me or if you ever feel the same way, just remember that we are all in this together & it is only in helping others that will truly make us happy.

Kids are Fragile

Children are are fragile like a lightbulb, if we handle them carelessly, they will break & we will live in a world of darkness but if we are careful with them we will be surrounded by light.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guys Mullets, Ponytails and earrings

I'm sorry, if your a guy & your wearing an earring, your a pansey. Do you think this makes you look more manly? No it doesn't. What it does though, is makes it look like you are following popular trend & have no decision making powers of your own. Earrings look nice on women & can compliment a necklace or femine outfit but when a "burly" guy is wearing an earring he looks like a "burly" guy wearing an earring & trying to prove he is cool because he is insecure with himself.
It's like a guy with a mullet or an old guy with long hair. Have you seen those guys that are mostly bald, wearing a pony tail? Disgusting!!!!!!!! Who on this earth has told them that they look good? If you tell somebody they look good in a mullet or a dude they look good with a pony tail, you are humiliating them & are making the rest of us, have to look at them & try not to laugh.
I'm not perfect by any means & for sure I am not the fashion police because I have seen pictures of myself at times in my life & I can't believe I walked out in public looking like I did. I was a complete moron but there are some things which just don't look good on guys, a mullet, a pony tail & an earring. You may not be a fairy if you wear any of these but you sure look like one. Now to those of you that judge me by my views, you are entitled & I might look like the biggest fairy of all & if i do, let me know because maybe I do & hopefully somebody will tell me so I can change. I don't want to be like the person that everyone laughs at behind their back but in person says how good they look. Be honest, get a backbone, save us from humiliating ourselves.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kids, what to do with them?

Have you ever watched a young child test the people around them to see if they get in trouble? I was watching my grandson one day & he was sneaking over to the cd case, which he knows he can't play with. He would look around & make sure everyone saw him & then he would go into action. he would reach ever so slightly toward the cds & wait until somebody stopped him but when nobody did stop him he would gently grab a cd & look around to make sure the coast was clear & he was out of trouble. When I would say "no", he would stop & look bewildered even though he knew exactly what he was doing & then he would back away. He appeared to be testing the adults in the room not unlike a dog on an electric shock collar. The dog approaches the boundries of the invisible electric fence & when it gets zapped it stays away but as soon as the dog can sneak by, he is gone. I think kids are the same way. they don't really care about what they are playing with because for heavens sake, they can play with a card board box for hours. They want to test the boundries & see what they can get away with & it's not just little kids, it is teenagers and adults also. The only difference is that when kids get older the range of safety get's more complicated & the importance of what they test is much more critical, so be consistent & make sure your boundries are very clear. You may not fix all the worlds problems with this but you will have a more defined relationship & you will be respected for having boundries which are very clear.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Is Tougher

I had a tooth ache recently that was pretty bad but I couldn't figure out where it was? I had a crown put on a couple months before & the pain seemed to be in that region of my mouth but I wasn't sure because it was deep in the roof of my mouth. I thought I needed a root canal to remove the nerves, of which I have had these before & understood that sometimes a crown can lead to a root canal. I took 2 aspirin and after several minutes the pain was gone. This was on a thursday afternoon & I was leaving friday morning to visit my daughter in Utah, so I was hoping the pain would get better & the aspirin would continue to fight the pain if needed. At the airport I had more pain, so I popped a couple aspirin (which of course can't be that great for you if not taken with lots of water, food or in abundance). I have received a stomach ulcer from taking aspirin so I was aware of aspirin abuse & it worried me. We got to utah & all was well, we visited with Summer, Phil & Vienn but after going to sleep at sometime around 2:00AM, I thought my head was hit with a baseball bat. My mouth & head hurt so bad, I could not hardly get up to get the aspirin. I have broken over 20 bones riding motorcycles or playing sports, I have cut my leg to the bone with a chain saw, I have crashed my motorcycle over 100 times with various injuries, I have had all the normal illnesses, headaches & pains but never in my life did I realize that there was a pain out there that topped all of the pain I had endured in the past. I was sweating profusely, I couldn't think of anything but the pain & was to the point of looking for pliers to pull the tooth out. I had two aspirin left & swallowed them, hoping for quick relief but not sure I would get any. After a few minutes of panic & pain, I called my dentist in California but he didn't answer. I left a message almost begging for a prescription for pain. Eventually the aspirin began working & the pain left, so I was able to sleep although I was worried because I wasn't going home for four more days & if I needed a root canal or some other procedure, I didn't want to do it in Utah.
I called a friend in Utah that is a doctor because my dentist cant give prescriptions out of state & he called in a prescription for pain medication & anti biotics but when the pain returned the next day & I used the new pain pills, they made me tired but never got rid of all the pain & after about 15 minutes the pain was horrible again. I told the doctor & he gave me a high dose of pain medication but it didn't help either so I was taking aspirin with Vicodine which probably isn't the smartest thing to do. I realized the pain meds weren't doing it for me so I stuck to the aspirin & after 3 days, the pain subsided to a normal toothache pain & then was gone. I made it home & went to dentist only to find out I already had a root canal in that tooth & that the pain must have been from an infection somewhere in the area but there was no evidence.
Now I am thinking I am the worlds biggest pantie waist & made this whole thing up but if this was a nightmare or if it was real, I don't ever want to experience that kind of pain again. With broken bones & other types of injuries you can usually find something which helps with the pain. You can elevate, add cold or heat, you can apply pressure or remove pressure but with my tooth or whatever the pain came from, I couldn't do anything except whine like a little baby & although it didn't ruin our trip, it was a huge part of it & I am grateful for aspirin.
For all the women out there, I have always heard that giving birth is the worst pain & if it is worse than the pain I had, there is no way I could handle it, so I came to the brutal truth that no matter how tough I may think I am, I am a wimp compared to you & that women are tougher than men. I suppose you already knew that & the only reason you let us guys think we are tough is so that our fragile egos don't get hurt.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hold It

I was just on a plane & it was bizarre to me what I had seen before but had forgotten until this flight. How is it possible that everybody that gets on a plane runs to the restroom five minutes before a flight leaves & then as soon as the seat belt sign goes off & the plane is in the air, they have to make the mad dash to the restroom again? This is crazy enough but even on this flight, which was one & a half hours, as soon as the plane landed, everyone ran to the restrooms again. How is this possible, I can't comprehend it? If airlines were smart, they could offset costs & lower airfares by charging for restroom visits. We then get what we pay for & pay for what we use. Everybody wins except the person that goes to the restroom three times in two hours & if they need to hit the restroom that many times, they need some other type of help. LOL