Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Why is it that wandering is considered a bad thing? Do you ever get so caught up in habits that you don't experience anything new? Do you ever rebel from your normal routine because you are burned out or tired? I subscribe to the philosophy of "love what you do & don't worry about what everyone else is doing". If you want to take a break from life & wander, it is OK, as long as you are happy. If you want to follow the same routine every day with the same breakfast, weekly dinners & theme nights, so be it, but enjoy it.
I took a break from writing because I found myself becoming negative when there are so many incredible things in the world & around me but while taking my sabbatical, I learned new things, met new people, had great experiences & feel rejuvenated, so in my mind, the wandering was therapeutic.
Remember one thing, it is your life so don't let everyone else tell you how to live it.

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