Friday, January 16, 2009

Loving Remembrance

I at times, think way to much about things but there are moments when those thoughts move me to find a greater cause or to help another or to remember an inspiring moment in my life.
This would be one of those moments & I will share it with you.
There is nothing, I love more than my children & every memory or moment with them has defined me as a human & next to my wife, my children are the best part of my life & what I love most about my existence on earth.
Watching a young baby begin to make decisions, talk & walk are rewarding but as I look back, they are the moments when the child begins the process of pulling away from me & becoming independent. It is bittersweet to see a child grow into a teenager & see the transformation from an innocent little trusting & loving child to becoming a "monster". Thank goodness, this only lasts for a short time because it hurts more than any other pain. You can't make every decision for a baby, watch them grow, make their life as successful & enjoyable as possible without having a deep rooted love for that child but when they discard you like an old newspaper to be with friends, it is hard to handle.
I understand that it is a process & that we want independent, self sufficient children to become educated, intelligent & good hearted adults but for me, I will always see my grown kids as the little child curled up in my lap, asking me to read to them or wanting to play a game.
I know it is selfish to want the same relationship with my children now that I once had when they were little but when my thoughts flee from today & escape into years gone by, my heart becomes full because of the intense love I have for my children. Every chance phone call or visit with my children floods my heart & mind with such an unexplainable joy that I can't find words to express them.
I don't think my children know how much I enjoy seeing them or visiting with them or when they remember my birthday or send a unexpected e-mail or card but these encounters & experiences are what I find myself looking forward to more than any present or vacation.
I may have provided my children with a safe home to live, with the support they needed & the things they needed to grow up in a normal environment but the reward of having them go off on their own & then come home, full of love & support for me, is the best part of my life & what truly makes me happy. I love you with all my heart & not a single day goes by that you aren't in my heart & prayers. regardless of what the future holds for us, you have made my life rewarding, happy & complete, You truly are the best part of my life, along with your mom of course. I love you. Dad

Fitting In

A quote that I heard years ago, came to mind so I thought I would share it since we are entering the scariest time in world history.
"It is easy in the crowd to follow after the crowds opinion, it is in solitude to follow after our own but the great man is he, who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness, the independence of solitude"
May we all be willing to stand up for what is right regardless of the outcome or the popular opinion.

What is Politically Correct

I have a blog called "not politically correct", I hear "politically correct" thrown around society in many different forums but as I sit here thinking about it, what does it really mean?
I have a theory & correct me if I am wrong. Anything that has the word political in it, I am against & anything that says political is correct I am going to fight against because there is nothing correct about being political. Political & correct are opposites because political means you will say or do whatever it takes to be elected & will promise anything, including your soul for the opportunity to be a politician. Politicians are like car salesman & insurance salesman, we need them but nobody really trusts them because they say what is necessary to get something from you.
On the other hand, Correct is a term that means whatever you are doing is exactly what you should be doing & is always right. It means you are making good choices & there is no reason to change what you have done or what you think.
Do you see my point? I have never seen a politician make correct decisions on a regular basis because in order to get elected, get anything done or to avoid a lot of confrontation, politicians do the little Mexican hat dance around all difficult issues, they say the right things but do what gets them re elected.
Politically correct is like saying painfully happy, sinfully righteous or insecurely confident. They just don't go together, so next time you hear the term "politically correct" get ready to have something taken away or to be told a lie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Short Bus

I was listening to a couple people talking the other day & no it wasn't "eaves dropping", I was actually in the room & participating in the conversation at times but was reading a backpacking book. The comment went something like this. "Those people depicted on the news dress funny & act odd because they "ride the short bus". Now of course the short bus is referring to special needs people who couldn't be completely mainstreamed in school & had to take a bus to special education training & since there were fewer kids, they only needed a small bus, typically called the "short bus".
When people make fun of each other or joke with each other, you can sometimes hear the "short bus " label attached to somebody, which is a jab at somebodies intelligence. The "short bus" folks, usually at no fault of their own, have learning disabilities & can't quite function as a normal person, which is why I have come up with a theory on society as we know it, today.
Wouldn't you think that anybody that makes really stupid decisions regardless of logic, evidence or reality could be considered, "short bus" candidates? I think so & my concern is that after watching all the facts about Obama during this past election, most people in the United States are "short bus" candidates because if you voted for Obama, you don't care about experience, you don't care about ethics, morals, defense or promoting new business. You obviously care more about being like the popular kids, (the actors, the rappers & the politicians) & you care nothing about traditional family values, virtues, unity or constitutional protections & rights.
You are more interested in being popular than doing what is right, You will let special interests determine how you live your life, what policies are enacted & you could care less that, men make government not the other way around. Obama was made by government, for government special interests, he was groomed to do what powerful people tell him to do, he has no morals because his record & life have shown that he only cares about being powerful & famous. He is charismatic, sharp, articulate & educated but as the old Indian proverb states, "once a rattlesnake, always a rattlesnake".
So my closing thought is, Being on the "short bus" isn't a bad thing because those people on the bus, didn't choose to be there & are there to get help. The people who act like they should be on the "short bus" because they have a need to be popular or want something at the cost of others, these are the real crazy people. They have brains but choose to think with insecurities, popularity or selfishness instead of intelligence.
Think about it, should you be riding the short bus or should you be driving the short bus?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tight Pants

I must be showing my age because when I see guys wearing skin tight pants it drives me crazy. Just like the sagging pants, these pants are not practical & take more work to keep them in place & move than are worth the effort. They also look like "girl" pants. I understand the current trend to have everything bi-gender & what goes for a woman, also goes for a man but come on, you look like sissy girls.
I have another thought on this & I suppose that if you don't do much physical manly work & have girl legs, then maybe you want to show off those cute skinny little legs? Hmmmm
I may have a strong opinion about this & most things in life but quite honestly, it is just an opinion & who really cares? Most of what I have done in my life would offend somebody so I suppose what is good looking to one person doesn't have to be good looking to another, it is all about personal taste & being who you want to be. So just because a guy looks like a sissy girl, doesn't mean he is & as I discussed in a previous blog post, I am no fashion guru, I am just getting older & opinionated.

Friday, January 9, 2009


In a democracy we have been taught that the majority will decide what course our country will take & what policies will be enacted. How is it that the majority elects politicians but the minority determines policy?
I will tell you how, the politicians say whatever is necessary to get elected & let the minority view determine what should be policy, The minorities are easily manipulated by the thought of more hand outs & changes in policy that help their cause.
There are more & more special interest groups & minority groups in the country & politicians pander to them because for the possibility of a freebie, many people will sell their soul.
Obama, ran his entire campaign promising minorities & special interest groups that he would save them & make them happy by stealing from hard working people & giving the money to lazy people.
Are you kidding me? If you don't have to be an American citizen to vote, you can live on a park bench & Democrats will bus you to the polling place because you are to lazy to get there yourself,
it is inevitable that the Country is ruined. The bible says the meek shall inherit the earth but it appears that Obama feels that the lazy should inherit the earth.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Peace-Love & Whatever

Have you noticed that the burn the bras, smoke the pot & no rules or laws apply to me crowd from the 1960s are now in their 40s, 50s & 60s & are nuts? The entire concept of "do what you want", "down with the government", "no laws & no rules" crowd is contradicting to the very belief they fought for & believe.
I was just talking to one of the "no rules for anyone" neighbors I have, yeah the same kind of person that feels you should take from hard working people & give to lazy people & people who make stupid decision after stupid decision but want hand outs. The very premise of "do what you want" is only great for the person doing what they want because & I want you ding-a-lings that think this, to pay close attention, if your brain has any cells left from drug abuse. When you do what you want & it is not what your neighbor wants or somebody that sees or hears you, then you have created rules for them & they lose their right to freedom.
Example: My neighbor had 1 dog & they didn't train it so it just ran around & barked, they thought that getting another dog would occupy the dog & they both would be quiet & entertain each other. I asked, so I know. Then tv glorified little worthless dogs & a daughter got a little dog, then they got another dog. They had 4 dogs all with different barking pitches in their voice. I asked the lady what she was thinking & she said that she couldn't say no to her daughters & she didn't want the extra dogs but her daughters were now happy.
Are you kidding me? yeah, peace love & do what you want. No wonder we are so screwed up, we have parents that let their kids do whatever they want. Oh it gets better because now they have 5 dogs in a small house on a small lot in a residential neighborhood. Yes they all bark together & at different times & during the summer the parties go until early morning with loud noise, pot smoke & crazy music. I asked the lady recently why she got another dog after she said she didn't want the last one. You will like the answer.
She said that her daughter came into her bed & laid with her crying because this dog was so cute & she really wanted it. I told her that I hoped the daughter never wanted a fully automatic machine gun.
Don't get me wrong, these people are really nice & have good intentions but their right to to whatever they want & screw the system, keeps me up at night with loud music & yelling, or smoke, cigarette smoke & 5 dogs going nuts.
On top of this they have had about 20 cats over the past 3 years, yes 20.
All of a sudden their right to do what they want has stopped me from having my rights to have quiet or to relax at night.
We have to have rules or we have chaos & if you want this type of total lawlessness & freedom you should move to a place where nobody can hear you or see you.
The moral of this story is, DO WHAT YOU WANT AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T PROHIBIT ANOTHER FROM DOING THE SAME. We can't infringe on the rights of others to satisfy our own greed or selfishness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What in the world is fashion? Every time I think I know what looks good, I am told to get with it, I am out of date. Who makes up the rules for fashion because nobody ever consults with me & I have never seen a survey come through the mail. What was popular when I was young died out & then it was replaced with polyester angel flight pants, they died out & then it was something else & then it was something else & then it was shorts on guys. Sagging pants, tight tops & skin tight jeans? Are you nuts? there is nothing practical or attractive about this & to make matters worse, they aren't practical. I recently saw a teenager in Stocton who honestly was walking around holding her pants off her butt & up, to keep them from falling off.
Women & guys are all wearing the same fashions, cutting their hair the same & actually using the same make up?
I may not be in touch with what fashion is but I can promise you that the crap, teenagers wear today looks exactly like what I just said, Crap. With regard to fashion, I think fashion is an expression of one's inner self & if you look like you are lost, you probably are. If you look like a fruit, you probably are & if you dress for success & act like you are, well I guess there are no guarantees for successful people because success isn't determined by clothes & hairstyles, it is determined by what you do with your life.
So if you need fashion to be successful, you probably won't be because what is in fashion today will be gone tomorrow & so will your fantasies about being successful & in fashion.
I certainly am not a fashion trend setter but the one thing I know for a fact is that the clothes are made for us not us for the clothes.
You can see why I am "politically in correct". I am a walking fashion moron & completely out of touch with what people think is in style. Oh well at least I am to busy with life to care.

Moments In Time

Time goes swiftly by in similar fashion to a leaf which ever so gently falls from it's secure, well rooted home into an ever changing stream. enjoying that brief moment of change although as quickly as it left, is swept away into confusion, excitement & into a torrent of uncertainty.
never to enjoy that exact same experience or moment again except through the journals & photographs of our mind.
Learn from & hold dear, each moment in time, for that moment you experienced will never be experienced in the same way again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It is said, that in order to know happiness, you must experience sadness. In order to understand health you need to experience pain. In order to enjoy life, you must experience trials.
Is this really true?
I have experienced a "HUGE" amount of pain, sadness & trials in my life so you would think that I would be the happiest person on earth & there are many days when I am but there seems to be an endless amount of pain which continually creeps in to make the happiness & joy, a little less than what it should be.
I am not complaining but have you watched the news or know what is going on in your community, schools or world? We are constantly seeing sadness & hatred all over the world & for me it kind of dulls the happiness I hope to have.
Perhaps it is just part of life & I shouldn't worry about what I have no control over.
Maybe that is why so many people are addicts, that is their way of dealing with the struggles of life.
My New Years resolution and I only have this one, is to not take things so personally or to bother me so much. For those that know me, you are betting right now, that this can't be done but I am going to reform & surprise you.
I thought about it & decided I can't do it, so you are going to have to listen to me rant & rave this year also. haha------Happy New Year & I hope your trials make you happy or something like that. haha

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aches & Pains

Do you ever have aches & pains & think you have some life threatening illness or terrible disease? I am not a paranoid person but must admit that occasionaly I have an ache or pain & think "what if". What if this is the one, the grand daddy illness that will end it all or knock me into another place? I don't know if it is just me or if all of you do the same thing but one thing I know, is that just thinking about what hurts can be stressful, if you think about it to much. I know that drugs & stuff isn't the answer & that we need to deal with life, not run away from it but, occasionaly a thought slips in for a moment & makes me wonder?

New Stuff

I have been busy lately & have had some new stuff made. If you scroll down to the pictures you can see a couple of my new additions such as business cards, hats & more shirt slogans. I have already run out of Not Politically Correct hats & a couple shirt slogans but more are on the way. what you see is what I have left.


Who out there isn't afraid sometimes? If you say you aren't afraid once in awhile, you are a liar & afraid, so you have more problems than just being afraid. Somebody recently told me that they feel that ghosts or spirits follow them & that they feel they call out their name sometimes in the dark of night. I thought about this & it made me reflect on all the old ghost stories which were generated when there was a lot of travel after dark & there was very little light if any. It was a time when your house after everyone went to bed was making all kinds of noise from settling & adjusting. It is amazing how little wind it takes to slip through open windows or under doors that can rattle doors & make ungodly noises through a house. You just couldn't hear these things when there were people in the house talking & doing things.
I lived in an old pony express hotel which had no indoor plumbing or lights, it was about 20 miles from a town out in the woods north of Truckee. I lived in it alone while I was working close by & you can't imagine how many noises that place made at night. I was afraid to death to walk down the back hall or upstairs whether day or night & since I was only 16, I was pretty much unsure about everything anyway & stayed in the main room by the front door at all times.
My point is, Of course there are noises in the night, of course there are unexplained noises, of course there are probably spirits around us most of the time but it is up to us how we deal with these unexplained occurrences. We can let them consume us, ignore them or we can spend all of our time trying to explain them.
As I have aged over the years, I simply don't care, unless of course it is something which I can identify with, such as smoke, loud neighbor noise, dogs barking at somebody in the yard or any other event which can potentially cause damage & be identified with reasonable research.
As far as the spirits chasing me around, it's nice they care about me enough to hang out with me & at least I have somebody that cares, because unless I need help from a past friend or relative that has passed on, I don't care if they are with me.
In closing I want to wish you all well on your ghost hunting & whenever you are afraid about something, remember that you aren't alone, we all are afraid at some time in our life.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Full Life

My life has been full, more than most I suspect, I've had my share of happiness & even some respect. I've learned from my trials, to stand for what I believe because you can't please everyone & with some, you only get grief.
It's ok to have friends & share your heart & soul but when it comes to fighting for what is right, sometimes you stand alone. I'm not sure if it is the fear of fighting or not knowing if they truly care but friends don't always help you, perhaps because they are scared. I don't care what the reason or the fear another may have but I know that when it comes to freedoms, we must fight for them or they will be taken away.

Children Are Fragile

Flowers are fragile, we try not to touch or to bruise; Children on the other hand, we hurt & abuse.
A child is more valuable than all of earth's treasure, Love them with kindness, you will have nothing but pleasure.