Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Weather vs Relaxation

I am sitting at my desk watching the storm outside my window although I have days worth of work in front of me. What is it about storms that lull us into relaxation or into a trance like state of mind? It is like looking into a fire, you know what it is but you are swept away into complete submission & loss of thought.
I have always felt that storms calm everyone down & not because there is less work to do because for some, bad weather increases the work load & lack of work increases stress. It appears that storms are out of our control & we can only watch. We walk more carefully, we drive more carefully, we are more aware of our surroundings & we become retrospective. I think it is because a storm allows us all to revert back to our childhood, when we were afraid of everything but especially of storms. Our parents would console us & comfort our worried minds by saying "it will be alright".
I may be completely out in right field with no idea what I am talking about but I do know that at least for me, storms relax me & take me to a place that is comfortable & familiar.

Monday, February 9, 2009


The word etiquette alone is complicated & so is what danged fork to use when you have 4 placed before you along with 2 spoons & 3 glasses. I am fairly comfortable in any situation but if you want to completely throw me off track & make me uneasy, stick 7 eating utensils in front of me & expect me to figure out which one to use without looking like a moron. When I grab the main course fork during the appetizer, salad or desert, people look at you like you are a complete dufus. I thought about this one time & since nobody talks about it, maybe they are looking at you for reassurance of what they are doing?
We haven't got past the silverware yet & there is so much more, including what to do with 2 bottles of liquid when bread is brought out? What to do when they bring out an appetizer that you can't quite eat with your hands but is to messy to eat with a fork? Or what about when they bring you a sandwich that has 2 open halves with 6 inches of food on top? Do you fold it & eat with your hands, making a mess or do you try cutting it & eating each portion by itself with a fork?
I know what would be a great invention? Little flags & labels that tell you what each piece of silverware is for & what each item placed on the table is for. This way everybody would feel comfortable eating anything & anywhere.
Maybe it's just me but I thought I would share my thoughts with you because maybe you have experienced the same thing at some point in your dining adventures.